29 March 2009

LNDSNF_40 13th dec 2008

Hi everyone,

We had a fantastic time creating and performing in the LNDSNF_40 event with London Sinfonietta, here are some pics from the day by Amah Asomani and Tracy Fahy...

Getting ready! Amah Asomani, Street Genius/photographer during the preparations for the event... Lots of balloons to be put in place!

backstage... David Powell with his tuba! everyone just before our performance of Pop Music! and after the show with Anna and the Street Geniuses :)

The blue room with performances by Tim Gill playing Eternal Escape for solo cello by Dai Fujikura, David Powell playing Res/As/Ex/Inspirer for solo tuba by Vinko Globokar, the street geniuses Emrul and Nabeel, and audience members standing by projection images by Will Crook and 'Treat'.

The yellow room and our performance of Pop Music by the Culture Collective, music by violinist Jordan Hunt, pianist Antoine Francois, cellist Nicole Robson, keyboards Rachel Essien and guitar Timo Tuhkanen with guest musician from London Sinfonietta David Powell playing Tuba, electronic sounds and conducting by Mira Calix, dance by Katie Keeble and a projection screen of live camera footage by Will Crook.

On the radio in the red room! our performance of Pop Music for the BBC Radio 3 broadcast, Jordan being interviewed about the Culture Collective with Ivan Huges, and the audience getting settled in the red room! 

Thank You so much to Anna Rice and Jamie Colston for working with us to create the LNDSNF_40 event at the Royal Festival Hall, 13th dec 2008. We had a great time, look forward to seeing you again soon!

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